The Ballroom Barn has a large oak sprung floor which measures 25 x 15 metres and an impressively high ceiling housing four large chandeliers and a glitter ball.  One long side is mirrored and the other three sides look onto lawn and trees.  There is a covered walkway and patio running the full length of the rear of the building. We also have a moveable stage, room dividers, tables and chairs which can all be arranged to suit a variety of configurations.

The Barn is a fully air conditioned/heated space that is bright and airy and a joy to work in.  It is an ideal size for Ballroom and Latin training and practice.  It is also a great space for classes. This is also where we hold our various social dances during the year. The ballroom comes equipped with an easily accessible, high quality music and lighting system.  There is a small kitchen with a fridge and microwave, a small bar and three unisex toilets.

The Ballroom Barn is a specialist venue, which is not available for general party hire but we do encourage enquiries from dancers and dance teachers.  Outdoor shoes and stilettos cannot be worn due to the damage they cause to the floor. Dancers are requested to use heel protectors.

The venue is situated on the edge of our woodland. Parking is mainly up by the house and access is via a pathway through the gardens.  The venue is, unfortunately, not very suitable for wheelchair users.